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In 1974, as a young boy, I became fascinated with the 100 m.p.h Chinooks of my Boulder, Colorado origins, and I hand-built electronics to measure these devastating blasts of weather.


Through my teens, I studied the experimental turbines of the Rockwell wind energy test site near my home, and I built whirligigs inspired by these unusual, functional windmills. All of my engineering and fabrication skills came from repairing broken bicycle frames at the bicycle store I worked at from junior high through college.


In 1994, eight years after I graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA in photography, I revisited the whirligigs of my youth, combining the idea of an elegant weathervane with the whirly gigs I had always made. A big influence on me was the elegance of the static 1994 weathervanes of James Eaton who proved that industrial processes and interchangeable components could be wonderfully artistic.


Today, my work is installed in nearly all fifty states and beyond. My pieces include public and private commissions and work for a cornucopia of high-profile patrons, who find my distinctive sculptures a perfect complement for their homes.

Perspective Inspiration Process