Kinetic Sculptures

Fabricated by Hand

A successful art installation is more collaborative than most people realize at first. My clients bring the site, I bring the sculpture, it takes both to sing.

Whats the relevance of art? What is the meaning? It appears that both of these ideas have been manifested in the ways my customers have brought meaning into their sculptures. It is very personal.

“We got this on our 30th Anniversary. It represents our relationship our commitment, our trust”

“My husband loved these sculptures, but then passed away, the one I have now reminds me of him.

“For me it is about fun, I just enjoy surprise, color and reflection”

There is a lot that goes on in peoples minds when they look at a sculpture. The meaning can come right away, or later.  For me, the joy, the experience really comes from the energy between my client and myself. Are you someone that enjoys thinking about the deeper parts of life? If so join me on my personal site where I chat with people about meaning and all things philosophical.

How To Purchase Artwork

Today, my work is installed all over the world. My pieces include public and private commissions and work for people like you, who find my distinctive sculptures a perfect complement for their homes.Learn More →

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For questions regarding moving, replacement glass or other parts for your sculpture please reach out.Find Out How →

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About The Artist

Each design starts as a rough sketch on paper. Periodically I sift through my sketches and execute the most intriguing. From there I work methodically: sizing the parts, figuring the mechanics, perfecting the rotations, developing the prototypes.

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